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Knowledge is power. The more you know about consumer credit and debt, the better informed and prepared you will be when making financial decisions. Whether it is making a major purchase like an auto or dream home, developing a plan to pay off your credit card debt or getting a personal loan, these consumer financial calculators will provide you the basic knowledge to help you reach the right decision.

Auto Payment Calculator

Looking to buy a new or used auto? Use this consumer financial calculator to find a monthly auto payment plan that fits your budget needs.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Looking to purchase a house? It will be probably the largest financial investment you will make in your life. This free consumer financial calculator will help you find a monthly mortgage payment plan that fits your budget needs.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Calculator

Your Debt-To-Income ratio is a good indicator of your credit worthiness. Use our free Debt-To-Income ratio calculator to see how a lender will view you when its time for a new loan.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

Unsecured consumer debt is usually dominated by credit card debt. This consumer financial calculator for credit card payments will help you determine how long to payoff your credit card debt based on your monthly payment budget.


Savings Calculator

Consistent savings and investments over a number of years can be an effective method to accumulate wealth. You can use this simple savings calculator to determine how much your saving investments can grow using the power of compound interest.

Budget Calculator

Using this budget calculator is designed to give you a clear view of your monthly finances and help you find places to change your budget to make the most of your income..

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