Consumer Debt Relief Services

Your financial situation is different from anyone else. You should take the time to understand all the available consumer debt relief options to find the best solution for your needs and goals.

A consumer debt relief service counselor reviews your financial situation and determines that you qualify based on the type of unsecured debt and financial hardship. The counselor negotiates on your behalf with the creditors to agree to settlements where you make lump sum payments for a portion of your debts. In return the creditor agrees to forgive the rest of the debts.
A consumer debt relief service counselor reviews your debts and consolidates (shifted) them into one manageable account. This is to reduce interest rate debts, arrive at lower monthly payments and allow you to concentrate on making just one payment. However, your total debt balance remains the same and if the payment period is lengthened, you will pay additional financing costs.
A consumer debt relief counselor reviews your financial situation and recommends a debt management plan. The credit counselor determines how much you can pay and then negotiates with your creditors on your behalf. The negotiation can be for longer terms, lower monthly amounts or reduction in interest rates.
A consumer debt relief service counselor reviews your financial situation and determines that it is not realistic for you to be able to repay your debts within two to three years. Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy is where you sell your assets to repay your creditors. This decision has long-term negative implications for your personal credit, borrowing costs, housing and employment.
Your will likely have questions concerning the different options available to help you get control of your financial future. Here are some answers.

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