Millions of Americans Are looking for debt relief

Nexus Financial Services is dedicated to providing consumer debt relief and business financial services. Our services are economical, high-quality, responsive and competitive. We understand the importance of partnership, transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction..

Nexus Financial Services

Nexus Financial Services is an Internet online market lead generator that allows consumers to investigate, shop and compare terms, rates and costs associated with financial products such as debt relief services, business loans, personal loans, student loans, credit repair services, etc.  We are not a creditor as we do not directly offer, extend or alter credit, nor do we originate or fund any product that we market. Rather we have a network of lenders, third-party servicers or affiliate partners.

Nexus Financial Services offers consumer debt relief services through its referral network of affiliate partners.   We have selected these debt relief affiliate partners based on their extensive experience in debt relief services (10 years), large base of satisfied clients (1000’s) and broad territory coverage   Each debt relief affiliate partner has their special business focus, different service offerings and way of conducting business.

We offer consumers a variety of debt relief service options to help them plan for a better financial future.  We are impartial and transparent in our dealings with each customer and respect their unique financial situation. You are encouraged to continue to investigate, shop and compare additional lenders and servicers to ensure that you are truly getting the best deal and service for your personal situation.

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Understand The Customer
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OUR affiliate PARTNERS

Nexus Financial Services has affiliate relationships with a variety of debt relief services companies.  They have been selected for their track record of having helped thousands of consumers successfully achieve  control of their financial future.  Together we provide debt relief services to  consumers struggling to get out of debt.

The profile of our debt relief servicing partners include:

  • Debt Relief Experience of 10 Plus Years
  • Extensive Customer Base (Thousands)
  • Specialists In Debt Settlement Services
  • Better Business Bureau Ranking “A”
  • American Fair Credit Council Member
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Millions of Americas are looking for consumer debt relief services.
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